Spirit Horse Ranch,Inc.

At Spirit Horse Ranch we use Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) techniques to treat youth and adults whose spirits are damaged by the difficulties encountered in modern day life.  EAP uses horses in specifically designed sessions to help clients learn to lead happy, healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.  We specifically address issues such as:
  • Divorce and Remarriage
  • Developing Social Skills
  • Learning Anger Management
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Developing Self-esteem
  • Dealing with death and grief
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Behavior Problems
  • Communication Skills
  • Parent/Child Relationships
At Spirit Horse Ranch
the focus is on the solutions,
not the problems.
The therapists at Spirit Horse Ranch have worked extensively in mental health agencies, private practice and in the public schools addressing the needs of chidren and families.  Their experiences have given them a unique understanding of the obstacles kids and families face in today's world both inside and outside ot the classroom.
Our therapists are certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapy providers We are located just south of Bellevue, NE.
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