The mission of Spirit Horse Ranch is to provide emotional healing and personal growth through equine assisted psychotherapy. We believe that through the process of interacting with our horses and other animals, individuals come to know themselves better and find healing from life's hurts.

We use horses in specifically designed group sessions to help clients learn to lead happy, healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.  We specifically address issues such as
  • Learning Anger Management and Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Grief and Loss
  • Problem-solving
  • Team Building
  • Developing Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Learning Communication Skills

Using Animals to Heal Life's Hurts



Services are provided by Keryl Mines, a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner/Social Worker & Karen Rolf, a Professor at the UNO School of Social Work.

For more information about our group programs, contact Keryl Mines at
(402) 677-4977 or at

Our non-threatening and fun approach to healing encourages youth, and they are able to comfortably address difficult issues through structured interactions with horses and other animals in an outdoor setting. 
At Spirit Horse Ranch we provide group programs to help those who are grieving a death, dealing with serious illnesses, living in shelters or foster care, or others seeking the healthful benefits of interacting with horses and small animals in a rural setting. 

  Our activities are designed to challenge and empower participants to discover their own unique strengths while also learning new skills.  

Participants in our groups have shared that they feel more hopeful, feel less angry at themselves, and feel better able to deal with difficult emotions.  By using horses in engaging activities that are designed to address their specific needs,these young people feel comfortable and find that they are able to address their difficulties and find healing.

     Horses are effective partners in finding healing and personal growth as they have no expectations, prejudices or motives.  Working with the horses in our interactive activities provides an effective, interesting, and fun way to achieve personal growth that is intense and rewarding.  It is not a riding program, but instead uses interactions between horses and youth on the ground. The opportunities to engage with animals provides participants an additional way to find comfort and healing from life's hurts.